Our motivation

is progression.

Internet culture is in the line of our youthful team, as well as speaking most languages of visual communication. Working with real, recorded footage, 2D animation, and even 3D one, while doing this, of course, with still and motion pictures as well. We were there when online content creating was revolutionised, and even to this day, we keep creating our own content as well.

Of course, we are not living in our own, digital world, we also like experiencing, touching what we created, and we do not shy away from the exciting world of prints. Even if you want interactive content to be created, our graphics can easily be improved to function with mobile applications and web pages.

Our team with multiple years of experience in the field of marketing and working with agencies, know current trends really well, is able to express themselves in various styles, but we are always open to brand new solutions as well.


CEO, Head of Design


CEO, Head of Media


Animation Designer



Wide range of services

in one place.


Creating designs for small and large corporate identities, designing and developing banners, flyers and layouts, and executing personal design plans.


Design of business cards, leaflets and other publications, as well as implementation and prepress of molinos and posters.


Filming, editing and other post-production of product presentations, commercials, and company videos.


Design and implementation of video and hand drawn animations, even in 3D.


Portrait or product photography for PR materials or service promotion.


Website design, development of domain and site hosting, and custom design.


Design, development and operation of online or offline based software according to individual needs.


Hybrid based or fun mobile app development for Android and iOS.

We can find a common voice

with anyone

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with a number of companies, from different sectors.

Whether it’s a small or large business, a different organization, a foundation, or a multinational company, we can find a common voice with anyone, and we always manage to create an end result that everyone can be happy with.

Let’s get

the most out of

your idea together!

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