Videós Gála (EN)

Animation, Film And Video Production, Graphic Design, Prepress, Web Developement


Star Network

The Videós Gála awards the best online video content producers in Hungary within the framework of a large-scale event. The ceremony was organized by Star Network Influencer Agency, with the professional contribution of the domestic YouTube MCN agencies and Google. In 2017, the live stream of the award ceremony was followed by more than 30,000 viewers at a time, making it the most-watched live YouTube broadcast ever in Hungary.

The event, which awards the most outstanding figures in online content production, was held in 2017 for the first time. It was an honor for us to be able to take the image design and video content production of the event as our task, as we have been part of the platform for almost 10 years. In the implementation, great emphasis was placed on vibrant, playful colors that reflect the diversity of content produced by the videographers. The iconic “play” shape, which provided the basis for the logo, could not be left out either and was used as a design element in most places.