Nessaj (EN)

Graphic Design


Nessaj YouTube channel

As a marketing specialist, Nessaj has been producing audiovisual content since 2008. He aims to communicate directly and humanly, with easy humor, the special stories and experiences inherent in computer games, as well as the constant love of sports and movement. Thanks to its regular content, over the years, it has created a community of more than 500,000 people under the nickname “penguins”.

Nessaj is one of the most prominent figures in Hungarian online content production. Our task was to design a new merchandise pattern for his followers, the “penguins”. During the project, we were given a free hand, so we opted for an expressive typography, meaning we also used the word itself for visual appearance to draw a penguin. We mostly strived for the minimalist style without any frills to make it look frontal as an embroidered pattern.